Funded by Arts Council England and the British Council,  I explored the circus and street theatre industry in Australia on a four month research trip interviewing companies, festivals, circus training spaces, programmers and independent artists about the scene there, how it operates and what opportunities there might be for international artists. My host organisation was the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA) who provided me with a great deal of guidance throughout my journey.

A collaboration with independant producer Chloe Osborne and Roger Hartley from Bureau of Silly Ideas, Club Silly is nspired by my visit to artist loft communities in Brooklyn, New York. We started with a launch party in 2015 with a cabaret of new ideas and in 2016 we recieved Arts Council Funding for our biggest project to date- our Punk DIY season.


Supporting The Circus House I recieved Arts Council Funding to develop opportunities for training acrobatics in Manchester. The consisted of several strands- sending myself  and resident acro teacher Owen Gaynor on a 2 month training course with Polichinelo Circus in Birkenhead, purchasing an air inflated tumbling track for the circus house, running a 6 week beginner course at taster prices and holding an acrobatic convention with coaches from all over the country. The long term legacy is that the Manchester acro community are up skilling, hold regular conventions and invite back coaches introduced by the project.


or NASA UK as it's more commonly known, is a membership organisation for street artists of all disciplines, and from 2012-16 I was on the steering group. During this time I advocated on behalf of NASA UK speaking at conferences, appearing at trade fairs and helping to plan projects such as the Outdoor Arts Lab. The annual gathering of NASA members is For the Love of It which takes place in Feb-March each year and is not to be missed.