Between prison breaks, daredevil stunts and that business with the cult, it’s hard to pinpoint the black sheep of Lucy's family.

This tour-de-force of seldom-seen circus acts- including knife throwing, lasso and a musical saw - tells the true story of Lucy and her siblings’ formative years in Sheffield challenging nature, nurture and Thatcher.

A 50 minute indoor theatre show

created in 2018.

It premiered at Jacksons Lane in July before a season at Melbourne Fringe Festival, where it was nominated for Best Circus.

In 2019 it toured the UK and was greatly received by audiences and venues.

Written and Performed by Lucy Frost

Directed by Kim Kaos

Dramaturgy by Fergus Evans

Sound Design/Music by Carol Cates

Lighting Design by Eve D'alton

Movement Direction by Susan Swanton